This is the Books and Authors Fantasy Podcast Episode 76 with Ulff Lehmann.

Good day and welcome to this episode of the Books and Authors Fantasy Podcast. I’m your host, podcaster and author of Fun Fantasy Reads, Jamie Davis. This podcast is exactly what the title says it is, a show focused on everything in fantasy books.

This show will cover everything to do with fantasy books. From Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, and everything in between, expect to find the best and brightest authors from all the various corners of the fantasy book world. Plus we’ll add in a few other very special guests as well along the way.

Let’s kick off the episode with my writing update. I just started NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. I’m one days in and I’m moving right along on writing my new novel in the Huntress Clan Saga series. You can follow my progress in the national writing contest over on my facebook group, Jamie’s Fun Fantasy Readers.

As always, if you’re interested in more information on what I’m up to, check out my fan group on Facebook, Jamie’s Fun Fantasy Readers and on my website and blog,

On today’s show we are joined by Ulff Lehman. A German born but English speaking and writing author, Ulff was raised reading, almost any and everything, from the classic Greek to Roman to Germanic myths to more appropriate fiction for children his age.

Initially devouring books in his native language, he switched to reading English books during a year long stay in the USA as a foreign exchange student. In the years since, he has lost count of the books he’s read, unwilling to dig into the depths of his collection.

An avid fantasy reader, he grew dissatisfied with the constant lack of technological evolution in many a fantasy world, and finally, when push came to shove, he began to realize not only his potential as a story teller but also his vision of a mythical yet realistic world in which to settle the tale in he had been developing for 20 years.

Here’s my chat with Ulff. We chat about his Light in the Dark saga starting with book 1, Shattered Dreams. Check it out.

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