Book and a Pint with Michael and James: Straight Outta Fangton by C.T. Phipps

Let’s set the stage:

Jakins has just submitted a request to discuss Dune on The Legendarium Podcast. The request was sent out to todd@…….

JJ:Okay. I sent that submission. I’m assuming his name is Todd.

ME: Yea could be. Or Steve? Not sure. Likely Todd though

JJ: Haha. I assume with that email, but it could be Timothy Odd for all I know.

ME: If that was his name Todd would be a good idea.

JJ: Guess he can correct me if I’m wrong.

ME: I’m dying to know if he corrects you. …Actually Jack, my real name is Tim Odd.

JJ: He will call me Jack, though… I can almost guarantee that. Guy in my anthology calls me Robert when he emails me… That or Jankins.

ME: Haha why Robert?

JJ: I’ve only ever emailed him from the Robber’s Dog email. (Jakins’ Publishing company) I don’t have the heart to correct him…

ME: I’m dying here over Robber’s dog and Robert

JJ: Yeah. I mean, I even sign the damn emails!

ME: I’m trying to figure out if I’d correct someone. Probably. I can be an ass like that.

JJ:I usually correct people about my last name because everyone gets it wrong. But I’d never been called Robert before. I’ve been called Jack before. I usually just live with it.

ME: I would too. Jack Bloodfist is awesome. I’ve only been called Jeff once….And on that note our next Book and A Pint is a very funny vampire book that definitely didn’t suck (ugh) Straight Outta Fangton By CT Phipps!

JJ:Shame on you for that joke. Shame. On. You. Just forget that I made it once as well.

ME: I think I bit off way more than I could chew on that one.

Wait…Did you say one of your anthology writers calls you Robert ?

JJ: yea

ME: My wife wouldn’t have called you Robert (for background on this, see segment 1)

So before we get in to Fangton, I just wanted to ask, how’s the writing going?

JJ:Going great! Just finished up my last polish of Freelancer before sending it off for its final edit.

ME:Awesome man, and for any fans of Jack Bloodfist out there..I’m one of the lucky bastards that read this one and it’s on a different level of kick ass. So on to Fangton. Initial thoughts?

JJ: I loved Fangton. Just from that first line it had me. “Whoever heard of a black vampire?”

ME: Yea that was awesome. I mean..the only other one in pop culture seems to be more known for his tax problems these days. It was actually awesome that Wesley Snipes got a mention in the book.

JJ:I think everyone gets a mention in the book. Peter Stone has definitely consumed his share of vampire media.

ME:That’s the coolest thing about Phipps books man. I’m not sure how many you’ve read but they often exist in a world where pop culture fiction still exists, so the mention of sparkly vampires and Anne Rice adds to the meta fourth wall breaking brilliance.

JJ:I do usually appreciate that. I think my favorite was the constant Star Wars references and how they were usually received.

ME: And as funny sidekicks go, David just might be one of my favorite. He was literally the best elements of Randall from clerks, The Dude, and Owen Wilson in just about everything.

JJ: I loved David! He taught me that if I ever become a vampire I can’t make one of my friends my mortal servant. They know me too well to show me anything resembling respect.

ME: Yeah I hear ya Robert.

JJ: I should not have told you about that…

ME: What were your thoughts on the whole bailout idea and how the supernatural community built up Detroit as a Vegasesque haven for Vampires?

JJ: I like the idea of it. I like the idea of the “out of the shadows” supernatural. Everyone knowing it’s real and coping in their own way.

ME: Yea I’ve actually seen this theme a lot in Urban Fantasy. I think what made the book unique though was that despite being funny as hell, the lore and worldbuilding were really well planned out. Phipps really crafted his own Vampire Lore with its own rules and long and twisted back story

JJ: For sure! I actually have to say that after reading it, the comedy isn’t even the strongest thing about it. Yeah, it’s really funny, but it’s just a great, well-rounded Urban Fantasy. Everything about it just works.

ME: Hey man have you ever had Combos?

JJ: Those amazing pretzels with cheese in the middle? No, never.

ME: Those are indeed the ones.

JJ:Please tell me you’re about to compare the book to Combos.

ME:I dunno man I was thinking about our last segment, sitting on the balcony in Florida with my beer and some Buffalo Blue Cheese Combos (only in the US) and I guess I was feeling this sense of longing. You guys have like 8 flavours of everything good. It’s seems like here we only have Moose and Kale

JJ: Yeah, but you have the better chocolate. A Canadian Kit Kat is my favorite thing in the world.

ME: Oh dude, my 4 year old loves that. It’s his treat when he eats his chicken. Remind me I’ll send you some for your Freelancer book release gift!

JJ: And I’ll send you some Combos…Non-moose flavor.

ME: Awww thanks man! Anyway ..oh yea we’re talking about a book. Ok we haven’t really mentioned Melissa and Thoth. Two excellent characters. What did you think about the idea of Melissa as a former vampire hunter turned vampire?

JJ: I can’t decide if it’s a common thing in vampire stories or not, but it definitely felt like the right choice for this one. I definitely enjoyed her character. Thoth, though? Loved the guy. I think the funniest thing for me was how insistent all the older vampires are about maintaining their “sexy” image.

ME: Yea I totally agree like, It was hard for me to read Thoth sections of the book without Morgan Freeman’s voice in my mind. As David’s “creator” he worked as being scary as fuck and a kind father figure (albeit dysfunctional) all at once.

JJ: I pictured Lance Reddick. But yeah. He’s definitely the best Vampire Dad.

ME: So before we bring this one home, I’ll just mention that if you like this kind of Deadpool style pop culture referencing breaking of the fourth wall storytelling, there are few that do it better than Charles Phipps. Don’t like Vampires? Try Supervillains. His Supervillainy Saga is also a brilliant read

JJ: I believe his Weredeer books exist in the same world. For any that might be interested. I also gotta add: audiobook is the way to go for this one. Guy who narrates is the perfect Peter Stone.

ME: Yep. He calls the shared universe The United States of Monsters. And I fully agree. One of the best audiobooks I’ve finished out of the 2 I’ve actually finished.
So now it’s time to recap. Jakins bring this home with your overall feelings.

JJ: *clears throat* Straight Outta Fangton is a well paced, funny, exciting, and all around great Urban Fantasy. I recommend it to any fans of the genre, or, anyone really.

ME: I echo those sentiments and I’ll add:

It was a fast paced story that kept my blood boiling. It kept its humorous vibe while also delving in to some of the biting issues of today like inclusion and Xenophobia. It had an excellent pace and characters I could sink my teeth in to, and once again, it definitely didn’t suck!

JJ: Almost made it… I’m sorry, everyone.

ME: Gotta end on a high my friend. Gotta give em’ what we promised. Piers Anthony eat your heart out! and on that note, all you Book and a Pint addicts, we’re out, but fear not, Jakins and I will be back with Dean Wilson’s Coilhunter in just a few short weeks.

JJ:Yup! Looking forward to it. Go read a book, everybody.

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