Authors in Focus Episode 60: Interview with Raymond E Feist by JMD Reid

Raymund E Feist

Hi! Welcome to this episode of Authors in Focus Podcast. I’m James Reid, a fantasy author publishing as JMD Reid. This podcast is all about getting to know writers, their books, and what makes them tick.

We all have a storyteller inside of us. Join me as we find out what the rising stars and established voices in publishing have to say about their craft and inspiration.

I am excited to say that my second first fantasy series is out as two collections is out! Books 1-3 of The Storm Below are gathered in one collection, and the Books 4-5 of The Storm Below are in the second!

Today, I’m interviewing Raymond E. Feist! He is the best-selling author of the epic fantasy universe the Riftwars Saga! These are some the best of fantasy out there. I fell in love with Magician: Apprentice and adore Faerie Tale back in high school and it was a real thrill to chat with one my favorite authors. Check out his catalog on Amazon!

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  1. Dave de Burgh says:

    Always great to hear Raymond’s stories, thanks for this. 🙂

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